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😻 The Reviews!😻

Don't just take our word on how pawsome we are! Read all the reviews left by our fur friends & humans!

  • What is Meownip?

    Meownip is Meow Avenue's very own brand of Catnip! Our blend of Catnip is a top secret recipe 🤫 but we tested, tested & tested more to get the right "HIGH" factor!

  • What is so special about Meownip (catnip)?

    The active ingredient in catnip is an essential oil called nepetalactone. When your cat plays with catnip, the oil enters the nose or mouth and binds to receptors that stimulate the olfactory bulb of the brain.

  • How fresh is your Meownip in your toys?

    SUPER FRESH! Unlike other cat toys you see in store or other cat toy makers, we only add our Meownip to toys when they have been purchased so we can promise your cat is going to get the FULL effect of our Meownip! Did we mention we fill the WHOLE toy with Meownip, whereas others use more stuffing than catnip 🤯

  • Can I purchase your Meownip?

    YES! We want to share our catnip with all our fur friends, not just in toy form! We have four different sizes of catnip bags to choose from!

    Give me the Meownip!

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Fancy Eating

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Here at Meow Avenue

Meow Avenue is the purrfect place to spoil your cat! Our store features an amazing selection of handmade cat toys crafted from unique themed fabrics, ball toys, seasonal toys, and even our own exclusive Meownip! Our toys are tried and tested by our in-house experts to ensure that they are of the highest quality and sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment to your beloved fur baby. We also offer a variety of delicious treats and accessories for your cat, so you can be sure that you’re giving them the best of the best. Meow Avenue is the ultimate destination for cat owners looking to make their cat’s life extra special!

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For The Cat Lovers

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Meow Mistakes

Our Meow Mistakes collection is a unique collection of toys that were made by mistake. The toys may contain the wrong fabric, may not be 100% perfect or could have other imperfections. We have decided to give these toys home and are offering them at reduced prices! The collection consists of a wide variety of toys that are sure to please, no matter the imperfection. Don't miss out, as these mistakes don't happen very often!

Meow Mistakes

Meow News, Facts & More!

Want to know more cat facts? Need to keep up to date with Meow Avenue? Cat news? We've got it ALL!

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