"Dogs are high on life.
Cats need catnip!"
Eloisa James

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Every order from our Summer Vibes receives an extra special treat!

What Clients Says

"My cats love the toys, excellent quality and very robust. My older cat who is 16 years old looks lie a kitten and knew what was in the box before I could even open it"



"My cat Phoebe really loving her catnip toys. Thank Meow Avenue"



"Beans absolutely loves her new toys from Meow Avenue"



"Great product, very well made. Our loves the toys, she cant get enough. If she' not playing with them she's sitting next to them. Will definitely have to get more!"



"Elmo says thank you soooo much for his new toy"



" So I got my parcel today and my cats [Blu & Loki] are absolutely over the moon excited! I didn't get to open the box before they were at it. They are currently going mental and keep fighting over the carrot! I have no idea what you put in these but I feel like my cats are on crack! "



" Thank you so much for the toys and free gift! Harley has just found one of them on my table and ripped open the packaging to shreds to get it! Early Christmas present!



"This is just too cute!! I ordered some Christmas presents for the cats from @meowavenue and they call came gift wrapped! With a bag of treats and a note. Bellatrix is currently licking the box though so the only downfall is that clearly I will have to put the box up out of the way because Diesel will eat it to get inside!"



"Olive loves her kicker toy! It ended up being an early Christmas Presents as she sniffed it out of the wardrobe [still in its delivery box, that kitty crack is strong!] I highly recommend Meow Avenue toys if your kitty likes catnip, they will not be disappointed!"



My cats adore these toys. I bought the snowballs, rattlecords, yarn balls, and carrots. The carrot is a big winner. They are high quality and durable (my one cat is 25+lbs) and they hold up to his barrage of attacks and wild play behavior. The product arrived quickly even from England to the United States. The seller added additional treats and a thank you note that were very nice. Top notch products, top notch customer service. Seller answered all my questions prior to purchase. Do your cats a favor and buy from this small business with products that are made with love.



"I just want to tell you how delighted I am with my purchase! I bought the Christmas Kicker, Christmas Yarn Balls and the Cat Carrot. I got these as Christmas Presents for my fur babies and the handwritten note was such a lovely gesture. Both my cats adore these toys, one of which is quite boisterous and even he has not been able to destroy it! Very well made and full of Catnip. I will certainly buy from you again!"



Great products and top notch quality! My cat is going crazy about her new toys and doesn't want to put them down! 10/10 for service!



"2 happy pets with their Missy catnip toys with feathers. Lovely packaging too. Thank you! "



"It’s safe to say my cat absolutely loves your products he hasn’t left the carrot alone he is an older cat so nice to see him playing! Quick delivery, beautifully packaged I’m so pleased highly recommend thank you!!"



"My cat has just gone into to catnip state of lack of self control!"



"They're definitely fans of your catnip toys! My friend put her bag on the floor and they were sniffing around it like mad and she told me she had catnip toys in it from you so I thought I'd order some toys as I've previously bought catnip and they haven't responded to it but they definitely do to your catnip! Thank you for the lovely message and brilliant packaging!"



"The Russians would not wait for Easter for their Carrot Toys. They even helped themselves to Gucci's Carrot whilst he was asleep. I am a Big Fan of the Toys from this Company as they arrive in lovely packaging and my cats love them. Thank You x"



"You done it again Meow Ave. fudge in love with his new toys but keeps going back to the barrel to attack. Thank you Rebekah and the cats x"