Collection: Catnip Toys

Want to treat you kitty to something exciting? Not sure if they are a fan of catnip? Well look no further! We have a huge selection of catnip toys to choose from! Not only do we have the classic cat toys with a Meow Avenue twist, but are catnip toys are made with durable material as well as being filled with our Meownip! What makes our Meownip special you ask? Well for one, you can only find it at Meow Avenue but it will make your kitty reach that catnip high they have been craving! Watch them mellow out or have mad zoomies, either way, your cat will thank you!

Looking to spoil your cat even further? Why not get your paws on our famous Meownip! Use it to top up your kitty's favourite toy, sprinkle over their food or whatever meets your cats' catnip needs, don't worry, we wont judge!