Collection: Meow Avenue Catnip Toys

Hey there! If you're looking to treat your kitty to something exciting, you're in the right place! Meow Avenue has a great selection of catnip toys that are made from durable material and filled with our special Meownip. Our Meownip is only available at Meow Avenue and is sure to give your cat the catnip high it has been craving! Your cat will be in heaven when they get to experience the mellow vibes or the mad zoomies that only Meownip can give them.

Plus, if you want to go above and beyond, you can get your paws on our famous Meownip! You can use it to top up your cat's favorite toy, sprinkle it over their food, or use it however you need to meet your cat's catnip needs. So why not treat your kitty today and get them something special from Meow Avenue?