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Meow Avenue

Meow Pillow

Meow Pillow

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Say goodbye to square catnip toys and make way for our fabulous Pillow-shaped toy that will take your spoiled feline's playtime to the next level! 🎉

Are you tired of the same old square toys for your furry friend? Well, we have the purrfect solution for you! Introducing Meow Avenue's Pillow-shaped toy, the must-have addition to every cat's toy box.

Filled with our premium Meownip, this toy is guaranteed to bring your cat to new heights of joy and excitement! Watch as they reach catnip heaven, indulging in those delightful bunny kicks as they sink their teeth and claws into this sensational pillow. It's time to upgrade your cat's playtime with our Pillow-shaped toy!

✨ Bye-Bye Square, Hello Pillow: Our Pillow-shaped toy breaks the mould and brings a fresh twist to your cat's toy collection. Its unique shape adds an element of surprise and novelty, making it an instant hit with your curious kitty. Say hello to a new era of playtime fun!

💥 Filled with Meow Avenue's Meownip: What makes our Pillow-shaped toy extra special? It's filled with our famous Meownip—the epitome of catnip perfection! Prepare to witness your cat's eyes light up with excitement as they experience the euphoria of our premium catnip. It's a guaranteed ticket to the best catnip highs!

🐾 Bunny Kicks Galore: Get ready for a show of epic bunny kicks! Our Pillow-shaped toy is designed to satisfy your cat's instinctual desire to grab, kick, and wrestle. Its size and shape are perfect for those engaging play sessions, providing a safe outlet for your cat's energy and playfulness.

🌿 Benefits of Catnip: Curious about the benefits of catnip? 

  • Promotes physical exercise, keeping your cat active and healthy.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety, providing a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Stimulates mental activity and curiosity, preventing boredom.
  • Enhances the bond between you and your feline companion through interactive play.
  • Supports dental health, as chewing on catnip toys can help clean teeth and gums.



100% Cotton

Weight & Dimensions


5" x 3" (LxW)

More Information

Items may vary slightly in size due to being handmade.

Toys may discolour due to containing catnip and being chewed/sucked on by your pet.

Although products are made to a high standard, toys are not indestructible, please immediately remove toy from your pet if broken.

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Meow kick pillows

Great! Cats love 'em & even take 'em to bed w/them. Found one in my shoe! Will order more soon!