Rebekah CEO Meow Avenue Cat Pictures

Meow Avenue's Story!

Our story began in the middle of 2020 when the world was in a very strange place. National and world wide lock downs were the norm and spending time with the Cats became even more entertaining. With hours of free time and a room full of cat toys, Rebekah came up with idea that is today known as Meow Avenue! Our products are made from the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. 

We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that every cat can enjoy. Not only have we made our products affordable, we aim to be different from you see elsewhere! As well as our Catnip being of the highest quality and exclusive to Meow Avenue! 

But enough about the cats [for the moment!] as of Feb 2022, we are going to be introducing a new line, just for the humans! We will have everyday items including the purrfect gift for that pawsome cat lover!


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Monster Missy black tuxedo cat CFO COO

Monster & Missy


Meow Avenue truly began with these two!

Snowball Munchkin fluffy ragdoll cats Double Trouble Twins Cat

Snowball & Munchkin

Double Trouble!

The youngest of the team, but definitely the most chaotic!

Angelina white cat HR


HR of Complaints & Empty Food Bowls!

The diva of the team, but will definitely get all the food bowls filled pretty quick!

Peanut Mayor of hide & Seek


Mayor of Hide & Seek

The most nervous cat of them all, but loves to play! But you have to find him first!

Poohbear fat orange cat The Law


The Law!

The oldest cat, but still has the spirit of a kitten! He will always put the twins in place when they get too much!