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Meow Springs!

Meow Springs!

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Looking for a fun, interactive toy for your feline pal? Spoil your kitty with Meow Springs! 

Bright colours are more attractive to the cats eye! Our cat spring toys contain 4 bright colours of yellow, green, pink and blue. Choose between packs of 4, 8 & 12!

Meow Springs encourage activity and exercise for better overall cat health. The erratic movements will keep your cat on its toes as it bats, kicks, tosses and pounces, keeping your cats amused.

Play along with your kitty or let them entertain themselves, BUT Meow Avenue can't claim responsibility for late night zoomies with our Meow Springs! 


Recyclable Plastic


4 Springs:

8 Springs:

12 Springs:


4.5cm/1.77 in * 2.5cm/0.98in Size before stretching! 

More Information

Adult supervision required with this toy

Any damage, please discard right away!

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