Firework Safety For Cats (Pets)

Firework Safety For Cats (Pets)

"Remember, remember, the 5th of November" a poem/nursery rhyme we remember from 1605 when Guy Fawkes and his co conspirators attempted and failed to blow up the Houses Of Parliament. Every year on the 5th Nov is Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night to commemorate this!

So as we celebrate this national holiday, we have to remember our little fur friends and keeping them safe! 

We have put together some top tips that will keep your feline friend safe & calm while us humans enjoy the pretty fireworks!

 Keep them away from the bang!

These will help to keep noise of fireworks to a minimum.

  • Close curtains/blinds
  • Close and lock cat flap
  • Close doors
  • If they are outdoor cats, try to get the home before it gets too dark
  • Turn the TV or radio on

The amazing humans over at Classical FM have put together the purrfect playlist to keep your kitty's calm and relaxed through the loud events. Click Here to listen. 

Classical music can have a wonderful, calming effect on animals.

Provide plenty of hiding spots!

  • Make sure your cat can access hiding places
  • Make sure hiding places are comfortable with blankets
  • Make sure their favourite spots are quick and easy to get too!

Have all their favourites!

YES! We do spoil our cats through the year, but when their environment is loud and a bit too much for them, they will want all the things that bring them comfort, just like us humans! 

  • Ensure there is enough food, water and clean litter trays. Each cat should have access to at least one
  • Extra favourite treats

Calming treats!

Some cats are just fine with extra treats, extra cuddles or just sleep through the whole events! But what about those kitty's who are a little bit more nervous? Well here at Meow Avenue we have some amazing Calming Treats to mellow your kitty out! Click Here to stock up on a fan favourite calming treat! 

 Let your cat, cat!

As caring parents, we love to make sure our cats are happy & purring, but during scary times, the best thing to do, is to leave them to it! If they are hiding, let them hide, they will come to you when they feel it is safe. 

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