National Black (Tuxedo) Cat Day 2022!

National Black (Tuxedo) Cat Day 2022!

National Black Cat Day was created by Cats Protection on 27 October 2011 to help celebrate the majesty of tuxedo moggies and beautiful black cats. When Cats Protection launched this special event, statistics showed that black and tuxedo cats, took on average, seven days LONGER to find their furever homes compared to other colours of cats. 

Since then, Black Cat Day, has not only brought awareness through social media, but has reduced the waiting time for our special black & tuxedo felines finding their new homes! The hashtag #BlackCatDay is a great way to show off your mini panthers & felines in suits! 

How does Meow Avenue celebrate Black Cat Day? 

Meow Avenue not only celebrates Black Cat Day, but we celebrate our two CEO's EVERYDAY! We truly do have the best CEO's on planet! With Monster, our tuxedo king & Missy, our mini panther! Whether you have Monster testing new toys or Missy taste testing the new treats in our store, they truly are two spoiled kitties! 

Black and White Cat, Black Cat on a cat post in front of a Christmas tree


How can I celebrate or even help on Black Cat Day?

Firstly, if you have a black or tuxedo kitty, SHOW THEM OFF! Tag us in your social media posts, so we can see how cute (& spoilt they are!) 

Use the hashtag #BlackCatDay or #BlackCatDay2022 so others can see!

Bring awareness from your local cat shelters. Spread the word of those felines who are still looking for their forever home, you never know, someone who sees your post might just fall in love! 


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