Hello To Meow Avenue!

Hello To Meow Avenue!

A BIG hello from the human here at Meow Avenue! Our first “real” blog and more of a get to know a little more about the purrfect feline store and the amazing journey we have been on!

Meow Avenue was just a little idea that took place back in May 2020. Where the world was going through the strangest time in recent memory and being stuck at home with the cats, the idea was talked about!

We took Missy’s favourite toy, ripped it apart and notice what materials were used and realised that it was something we could create, but MUCH better!
So we took an old work t-shirt, stuck some feathers in, a big dose of catnip and voila, we created our first toy! It was only appropriate that we call it the Missy, as she was the kitty that truly inspired it all!

Missy Black Cat With First Meow Avenue Catnip Toy

Once we planned it out more and really sat and thought about it, we took the jump! As cat parents ourselves, we love to spoil our cats but we want the toys to last and actually be made with care! All our toys are tried & testing on our NINE in house experts, so our fur friends know they are the real deal!

Our products are made from the finest materials and stunning design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that every cat can enjoy. Not only have we made our products affordable, we aim to be different from you see elsewhere! As well as our Catnip being of the highest quality and exclusive to Meow Avenue!

Fast forward to November 9th 2020, we have 6 catnip toys & 6 ball toys ready to go for our launch! To say we were excited, was a bit of understatement! We made our first sale to a cat called Beans & their human, Jessica and it was the best feeling in the world!

Tabby Cat With Our First Order Kicker

Christmas time is fast approaching and we are making cats through the UK happy with their Meow Avenue Catmas collection of toys as well as helping Meow Avenue give back to our fur friends at the South Ridge RSPCA Centre.

RSPCA 2020 Cute Cats Donations

The RSPCA South Ridge Centre is a very special place for the human, as that is where we adopted one of our cats all the way back in 2004, along with his sister who sadly, is no longer with us. Mr Poohbear is 18 years young, the attitude of a grumpy man and living his best life out in Florida!

Mr Poohbear Ginger Cat Adopted Back In 2004 From RSPCA South Ridge Centre Living In Florida!

Ringing in 2021, not only are we, but the world living and moving forward with Covid and just refiguring out the world, we started to grow Meow Avenue.

We have also had the pleasure of creating six purrfect toys (so far) for Gus & Bella’s subscription boxes for cats & humans! We created a unique toy based on their monthly theme and it was huge projects that we absolutely loved creating & even our in house experts got spoilt with them!!

Gus & Bella Collab Pictures

Not only have we continued to expand during 2021, with new toys as well as seasonal, we have changed from Meow Avenue Toy Store to what we are known as today, Meow Avenue Cat Store! We are wanting to create the purrfect store for the spoilt feline, whether they are looking for new and exciting toys to trying new treats!

From Cat Toy Store To Cat Store
As time has moved forward into 2022, we have not only expanded our store with new toys, seasonal toys and treats, but we have now included accessories as well as expanding into our human collection! We want to make sure not only is our feline pals spoilt, but the cat lovers too! So whether you are looking to update your stationery at work or tasty treats for you to snack on, we have it all and more!

Meow Avenue has been an exciting journey and we can’t wait to see what happens for the rest of 2022 and beyond! But we do know for sure, we will continue to see all our amazing fur friends, old & new have so much fun with being spoilt with toys, treats & so much more at Meow Avenue!

We have also continued our yearly Christmas tradition of donations to our fur friends at the South Ridge Centre RSPCA in North London, to not only help with what they require but to also help bring awareness to our fur friends who are still looking for the forever homes.

From the human and the cats here at Meow Avenue, we hope to bring you the very best for your feline!

Meow Avenue Fur Friends with their handmade cat toys

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