Tigger Rattle & Cord
Tigger Rattle & Cord
Tigger Rattle & Cord
Tigger Rattle & Cord

Tigger Rattle & Cord

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Our first toy we created for our fur friends at Gus & Bella! 

Our Rattle & Cord toy but with a twist! We recreated this toy for Gus & Bella's Cat Superstar box, that feature some very famous kitties & you can't have a famous themed box without Tigger! 

 Balls, Feathers & Rattle Sounds! Oh your kitty is in heaven! Not only is this toy great for rolling around & chasing, this toy is the purrfect size for your kitty when they get in that in bunny kicking mode! 

 To give it that "Tigger" feel, the feathers match Tigger's vibe, bright & bushy black & orange marabou feathers! 
+ 5mm Jute Rope
+ Rice for rattle effect
+ Two bright & fluffy marabou feathers
+Weight: 30g
Length: 24cm

+ Items may vary slightly in size due to being handmade. 
 +Toys may discolour due to containing catnip and being chewed/sucked on by your pet. 
 +Although products are made to a high standard, toys are not indestructible, please immediately remove toy from your pet if broken.