Pawty Time!
Pawty Time!
Pawty Time!
Pawty Time!

Pawty Time!

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  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Catnip
  • Non Catnip




Its Pawty Time! Whether your looking to celebrate your kitties birthday, gotcha day or just because they are just awesome, we have pawsome bundle for them! With two pom colour options to choose from as well as the option for a catnip or non catnip pom!! 
 Our Pawty Time Bundle includes:
 1 x Dreamies Treat Biscuits
 3 x Webbox Cream Treats
 2 x Ping Pongs Balls
 1 x Catnip Pillow
 A pair of Feather Kicker Duos A pouch of our famous MeowNip!
 A Pom Ball! Choose from the colours Pink/Red or Blue/White along with the option of catnip or non catnip pom!
 & an extra something special for the hooman!