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Churu Premium Creamy Treats

Churu Premium Creamy Treats

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Get your paws on these creamy & irresistible purees. Two super premium flavours to choose from for your cats to lick straight from the tube, squeezed into a bowl or frozen into cool summer treats!

Each pack contains 4 x 14g tubes of Churu® puree Simply tear open a tube and give it a little squeeze to feed these grain free, preservative free treats by hand. 
Choose from: 
  • Tuna & Bonito flakes
  • Chicken with Cheese & Beef
Made with dolphin friendly wild tuna & farm reared chicken with added functional ingredients:
  • Green Tea Extract 
  •  Vitamin E 
  •  Natural Collagen 
  •  Grain Free 
  •  High Moisture 
  •  Dolphin Safe 
  •  No Artificial Preservatives



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For further ingredients and feeding guidence, please read the back of the package for contents!

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