Keeping Safe During A Hurricane!

Keeping Safe During A Hurricane!

Hurricane season. A season that most of us are not really affected by, but those that are, know what to expect. 

Florida is currently preparing for Hurricane Ian. As of 28/9/22, Hurricane Ian is a category four, which means category 4 storms can cause "catastrophic damage" with their 130-156 mph winds. The hurricane hasn't fully made landfall, but Floridians are currently feeling its affects. 

Hurricane Ian 2022

Credit: NBC News, AP. Copyright: NOAA

So why is Meow Avenue writing about a hurricane? As many of you know, the human behind Meow Avenue, once called Florida, home. Her parents, brother and friends are out there, preparing for this large storm, but it's not just the people she is concerned for. The family pets are also preparing for this storm. 

So what are the best ways to keep pets safe in a storm like Ian. 

Firstly, making sure you have enough food to last 72-96 hours. Having their favourite food and treats, won't make the storm disappear, but they do need to eat.
Cat eating


Water is very important! As most cat parents, we normally have a fancy cat fountain to have the best water experience for our feline pals, but if the power goes out, the fountain stops. Having fresh supplies of water not just for the humans but for the pets should be at the top of your list.

Cat water drinking

Medication & First Aid Kit: If your feline is on any sort of medication, make sure to have it ready to go! Having a first aid kit is very important for us humans, but it is also important to have a first aid kit for your kitty. They may not need it, but it is always handy to have!

Cat medication

Their documents. Incase of emergency you have to go to a pet friendly emergency shelter, having all their medical documents to hand is important as many shelters won't let you in without these. 

cat paper
List of emergency contacts. Yes we all rely on our cell/mobile phones for our friends and families phone numbers, but if you loose power and are unable to charge and your phone dies, so does your access to those all important contacts. Go old school! Write down all your contacts as well as your veterinarians and their emergency numbers.

emergency contact form 

Microchips: If your cat is microchipped, make sure all the details logged are correct and up to date.

 cat microchipping

Home away from home: We know cats are homely creatures and do not like change. Get your cats used to their carry case a few days before hand to help reduce anxiety. Also, pack your cat’s favourite toys and blanket to provide emotional comfort for your carry box

    We have put a list of emergency details and contacts for our Floridians: 

    To our family, friends, all the pets and the whole state of Florida, here at Meow Avenue we are thinking of you all in this storm. Stay as safe as possible, leave if told too and keep up to date with local and state updates. 

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